Back to training and some money

Good Sunday morning to you all!!! Many of you probably will be riding arggggg I want to ride too!!!! Yesterday I decided to start training again because with only little more than 2 months to Dakar I want to be in shape. Since I still have problems with my shoulder I thought of what I could do and decided to try go jogging. I started running and everything was good but after 10 minutes I started having a big headache, I tried to insist and managed to do only 30 minutes jogging having to stop for the too big headache. I rested about 20 minutes and the pain fortunately went away. I suppose it is because the hematoma in my head has not still totally absorbed and I still feel quite tired. After I rested I went to get the money from the work I did at the Art Exposition, I got a check of €504 so now I “only” have to find €5.200 in 15 days for the last part of my Dakar entry. I will design a website for a friend’s company next week and that should get me another little part of the money i need. I really want to share in detail all my way to Dakar so i will bring you with me also at sponsor meetings etc and share both positive and negative replies! I have in mind a little thing to do that you guys might like as idea and hopefully you will want to be part of it. In the next few days I will reveal my idea, for today I will rest and go do a nice walk in the centre of Verona because from tomorrow will start a very busy week.

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Born on the 20/07/1988 in Italy i started racing motocross at the age of 6yrs and for many years competed in the italian motocross and supercross championship. In 2004 just for fun i tried racing in Enduro and Rallies and incredibly the same year i turned pro! Now at the age of 23 i am racing for Husaberg in the world rallies championship and heading to the Dakar in 2012. Together with my sport career i also write as journalist/bike tester for an Enduro Magazine and also study business and management at college.

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