Dakar brochures arrived!

This morning i received in the mail a box with 30 printed brochure with my Dakar Project that i will use to try and find some sponsor. I need to thank Alessio for the graphics and Stefano for getting them printed! As soon as i have the .pdf files of both english and italian versions, i will upload them here sharing with you my way of approaching Dakar, and hopefully some company will decide to invest in my project. Today i also was very happy to see myself in the news on the Husaberg website, they have seriously helped me so much that its a real honour for me LINK. To end with since i don’t have a fixed home in this period i went to buy an internet key in order to constantly keep updating my blog. I chose the cheapest plan i found in which i pay €10 a month for 24 months with the internet key included and have unlimited internet access. Moreover i have a crazy training idea! Here in Verona it is starting to get pretty cold and my granparents have a small garden so i thought that i should start adapting a little to Dakar conditions……i plan on getting the tent and sleeping bag and start sleeping in my granparents garden :) obviously now that i have also the internet key i will be able to publish some posts and photos directly from my tent 😉

 I found out that i have to already pay for the transportation of the bike from the port to Mar del Plata….this means the €500 i got on Saturday have already to be spent! Big mess 12 days to find €5.700 i am seriously worried!!!

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Born on the 20/07/1988 in Italy i started racing motocross at the age of 6yrs and for many years competed in the italian motocross and supercross championship. In 2004 just for fun i tried racing in Enduro and Rallies and incredibly the same year i turned pro! Now at the age of 23 i am racing for Husaberg in the world rallies championship and heading to the Dakar in 2012. Together with my sport career i also write as journalist/bike tester for an Enduro Magazine and also study business and management at college.
  1. Antal Reply

    Perhaps your contacts in Husaberg can point you to some people? They must have some good contacts for you to use, no? Their suppliers would be my first bet, coffee vendors, ad agencies they use, PR bureau, lease organisations they have contacts with. See if you can speak to their marketing department, they WILL have some good contacts and leads!

  2. Andrew Scott Reply

    Manuel – the conditions for the Dakar will be warm nights and very hot days – need to find a desert.
    Good luck with the sponsors

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