Usa ep.5: Randomly getting in a world engineers convention…

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing that can happen to you….Today was one of these wild days which i enjoy so much. In the morning i went in downtown San Diego to visit on my own the city. I walked a lot, went to the port to see the maritime museum, went into some shops and then got lost….It was since breakfast i hadn’t eaten anything and i was really hungry but totally lost! Had no idea of where i was and while i was walking i see this big building….i try to go in convinced it was a mall or something instead i see its a World Convention on Technology…..i try to go in but they stop me since i had no pass. Well you know i’m italian and i now how to get anywhere….i managed to find the way to get a press pass and went inside, it was full of engineers and of strange machinery used to make motherboards and circuits, i even spoke to some japanese guys asking them to explain what was this all about!!! Between food and drinks i even met a really hot girl from the UK named Lucy, she was here as hostess but she is an actress in New York, really a fun girl to speak with and tomorrow i might go back again. You never know, might try and find some sponsor there!


Here some photos:


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Born on the 20/07/1988 in Italy i started racing motocross at the age of 6yrs and for many years competed in the italian motocross and supercross championship. In 2004 just for fun i tried racing in Enduro and Rallies and incredibly the same year i turned pro! Now at the age of 23 i am racing for Husaberg in the world rallies championship and heading to the Dakar in 2012. Together with my sport career i also write as journalist/bike tester for an Enduro Magazine and also study business and management at college.
  1. Lawrence (Messina) Jordan Reply

    Dear Manuel, Looked at your Tijuana video and it looked like you were o.k. Joanne and I would like to know if you got back to San Diego safely. Please email me and let us know. We really enjoyed talking to you yesterday. Larry

    • Manuel Lucchese Reply

      Hi Lawrence!! sorry for the late reply!!!! Everything is fine and i am back in Italy, thank you very much for thinking of me and hope to see you soon again :)

      • Lawrence (Messina) Jordan Reply

        Hi Manuel, How did you like Mexico? Joanne and I were at the train station yesterday, had some very nice discussions with some people regarding the bible’s teachings and how they are so different than what we have been told by so called religious leaders. It is the most enjoyable time for us sharing with others spiritual truths. Please take care of yourself and stay in touch- Lawrence & Joanne

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