About me

Name: Manuel

Surname: Lucchese

Nickname: Psycho

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Verona (Italy)

Bike 2011: Husaberg FE 450cc Rally – Husaberg FE 570cc

Team: Husaberg R-Factory

Hobby: Go-Karts, MTB, Xbox

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

First Motocross Race: 1996

First Rally: 2004

Objectives: Become one day a top Dakar rider

Why did i start this blog?

I started this blog in order to share with everyone what concerns participating in the Dakar and all that i will go through to make my dream come true. I hope this could also inspire other riders like me that don’t have many economic resources, to believe in themselves and never give up! I am discovering that the world is full of nice people willing to give you a hand :)