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New GoPro Hero 3+

It has just been launched in the US, its the new GoPro Hero 3+, a new improved version of the Hero 3. The best onboard camera on the market comes with many new features keeping the same price of 399 dollars in the black edition and 299 in the silver edition. For the Hero 3+ there
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Product Reviews

Huawei E5331Internet WiFi Hotspot

Nowadays internet has become a big part of our life, we use it for work, email, research, banking, purchases and so on. But how many times it happens we are away for some race, event or ride and we can’t find anywhere to connect? Personally
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Product News

2014 Alpinestars New Tech 10 Boot

We all know the Alpinestars Tech 10 boot is probably the best offroad racing boot on the market, yet for 2014 it has been further developed to meet the needs of every rider. The appearance has slightly varied with the new buckle closure system and...
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