Hospital Check and Art Exposition

Sorry if i missed 2 days without posting anything but i have been so busy, i start work very early in the morning and finish at 20:30. In these 2 days i have been working at Art Verona (the biggest contemporary art exposition in Italy) mainly preparing everything and helping out who is exposing with the preparation of their stand. Yesterday at 14:30 the exposition officially started and now my job mainly is to go around the exposition all day to solve peoples problems and to look after the personnel to see they are actually doing their job, it’s a lot of fun because i get to know a lot of new people. Furthermore it is a really nice exposition, being contemporary art you can see a lot of interesting “experiments” but also a lot of strange people!!!! I think its important to be open minded and to have interests also in things external to your normal passions, life is a synonim of eternal learning from my point of view.

I also went to hospital to check on my injuries, everything looked almost ok but the doctors were worried about my head since i had a few headaches in these days. They wanted to make me stay in hospital immediately for a few days to make me do a long list of exams but i managed to convince them to posticipate everything to monday since i still don’t have the money for the last Dakar payment of € 5.700 due by the 1st of November. It will really be a challenge to find € 5.700 in only 20 days!!!! Suggestions??

BTW i am continuing working on my plan to go live and work in Australia by February 2012 as soon as i come back from Dakar. With my decision i would really like to be an example for other young italians, because Italy is going through hard times, so much “mafia” is going on in all sectors and there is no career for young people unless you are the parent or friend of someone important. I know friends that graduated from university with the maximum grades and that end up working for 800€ a month in some job that has nothing to do with their specialization. My Australian experience opened my eyes and saw that there things are completely different, so i hope that with my experience i want to try through my blog to almost be a guide on what you need to do and how to go live in Australia. To end with if anyone is crazy and instinctive as me i would be happy to have other comrades moving to Australia with me :)

Here a few photos and i will try and add comments in between for the first time, so let me know if you like me doing that!

Hospital Entrance :(

With my entry at the Dakar i’m totally broke and with no money, so i have to minimize costs and found this place where to have dinner…. Steak+French Fries+Coke at only 6€!!!!

You know what?? it was quite good!!!!

7:00 am in the beautiful Verona before heading to work

My grandpa popped in at the exposition to say hi and bring me chocolate bars!!! 😛

This is a painting by my favourite contemporary artisti: Alessandro Papetti

Interesting opera made out of straws!!!!

Myself at work :) if any of you live not too far away and plan on coming let me know!!!!

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Born on the 20/07/1988 in Italy i started racing motocross at the age of 6yrs and for many years competed in the italian motocross and supercross championship. In 2004 just for fun i tried racing in Enduro and Rallies and incredibly the same year i turned pro! Now at the age of 23 i am racing for Husaberg in the world rallies championship and heading to the Dakar in 2012. Together with my sport career i also write as journalist/bike tester for an Enduro Magazine and also study business and management at college.
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    Do you ever get to Bologna? My family is from there and around Renazzo.

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