Scorpion Exo Helmets Review

This morning i received a big package from France from Scorpion Exo with some material for Dakar. I will give you as always for every product a little personal review. Scorpion helmets are very unique products since they have an innovative fitting system with a little air pump inside the helmet which gives you the chance to adjust the fitting exactly to your head, really cool and useful feature. Here some photos:

To start with here is the really cool helmet bag, nice and well made it feels robust and strong perfect for travelling around with your helmet without risking to get it scratched! Seriously this bag is designed extremely well!

Here is a jet helmet i got to use on my road bike when i move around the city, its the EXO-100 PADOVA model, funny coincidence they sent me this model since i live in Verona which is very close to Padova. It’s a simple jet helmet with some very comfortable interiors and has also a visor which you can decide to use to protect your eyes. I asked for a white one which will make me look more pimpin!! 😛

This instead is the Scorpion Exo VX-15 helmet Oil Graphic designed for the leatt brace use. The VX-15 has an awesome modern design which is similar to the design that the new 2012 VX-20 will have. Graphics are sick, this Oil version is available also in white/blue and is very stylish. This helmet like the other Scorpion Offroad helmets has the air pump i was talking about, took a picture also of that.


Now here is the helmet i will use for the Dakar! The Scorpion VX-17 Solid White helmet. It’s the same model which Marc Coma has used up to now, so this i hope will bring me luck! At least now i have something in common with Marc 😛 I am also extremely happy that also the Husaberg Factory Enduro Team are sponsored by Scorpion, in little words they sponsor only the top guys and teams so i better starting pulling the throttle if i want to be up with all the other Scorpion guys!! This VX-17 is seriously well made because the front part as you may see is very big offering maximum protection and also has a little extension in order to protect your nose from stones and dust. As for the VX-15 it has the Air Pump system so you can adjust it perfectly on your head!


To end with here some team tee, cap and shirt which i will use at Dakar, where obviously i will constantly be dressed with my sponsor’s casual wear :)


Thanks for the support Scorpion Exo! For infos go on their new website (should be up in these days):


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  1. Antal (@antal) Reply

    If you ever have 2 many helmets, boots, shirts and protection vests left from all your testing, let me know huh?

    Gloves would be fine too :)

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