Usa Ep.1: Arrival and day 1 in San Diego!

Lots to tell! Arrived yesterday after a boring long journey, as soon as i got in Los Angeles i went to catch the Flyaway bus to reach the L.A. Union Station and from there went by train to Solana Beach at Piero’s house. The L.A. Union Station was amazing, it just seemed like an old gangster movie, everything looked so old an stylish!!! I was pretty tired and fell asleep on the journey and when i got to Solana Beach went to the house took a quick shower and went out in Downtown San Diego for the mardi gras party which was great fun, so many people and so many crazy people dancing hehehe. This morning woke up quite early due to the jet lag but went out about round 11 am and went with Piero first at his restaurant then with his girlfriend we went to church and immediately after to a few motorbike dealers looking to buy a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera but unfortunately no one had it. After that we went to eat at In&out fast food and in the late evening with 10 dollars we rented these very funny bikes to go cycling at Pacific Beach. The bike looks like a chopper with gigantic handlebar and the crazy thing is that they don’t have any brakes!!! I was risking more on that bike rather than on my real bike!!! It was wonderful to ride next to the beach and see the wonderful sunset. I uploaded some video on youtube on my channel ManuelLuccheseTV and here quite a bit of photos that i hope you enjoy:

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Born on the 20/07/1988 in Italy i started racing motocross at the age of 6yrs and for many years competed in the italian motocross and supercross championship. In 2004 just for fun i tried racing in Enduro and Rallies and incredibly the same year i turned pro! Now at the age of 23 i am racing for Husaberg in the world rallies championship and heading to the Dakar in 2012. Together with my sport career i also write as journalist/bike tester for an Enduro Magazine and also study business and management at college.

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