Dakar Project 2013

Everything started in the kitchen of my grandparents, my biggest dream was going to come true, i was going to go to Dakar 2012 at the age of 23…..having no money and little sponsors i had no clue how i was going to make it….

At that point i decided i was going to make friends, readers and anyone part of my Dakar by bringing everyones name with me on my race jacket. With a donation (no minimum or maximum) anyone could put their name on my jacket and come with me to Dakar.

Almost 100 of you helped me and made me a donation thanks to which i managed to pay my entry fee. My jacket was covered in names!

My Dakar was full of difficulties, many unfortunate problems made me spend entire nights riding on the dunes of the desert, racing with no sleep and no food….but this is Dakar, the toughest event in the world, especially if you plan on trying it on your own without a team.

Unfortunately my bike broke down just 3 days from the end.Probably if i had a mechanic that wouldn’t of happened….but the real Dakar spirit is to race Dakar on your own, i would go to the factory teams and ask for used tyres, my father came as a spectator and would go from bivouac to bivouac hitchhiking on the road. This is the real spirit for adventure and this year i want to go back, in the same conditions to challenge again the desert…

I have no money, no budget and little sponsor but i want to go back agin to finish what i started and in the same adventurous and improvising like last year because this is the real Dakar spirit of the past. If you want to come with me to Dakar 2013 you just have to make a simple donation here through the DONATE button on the right-hand sidebar (no minimum or maximum amount) and you will be on my race jacket and will automatically participate to the lottery where you could win my gear used in the Dakar (jacket, helmet, gloves and so on) and other 25 prizes!

Help me show the world that dream can become true and that the power of will can bring you anywhere if you firmly believe in achieving your goals.

To put your name on my 2013 jacket use the Paypal donation button on the right or the bank info’s on the photo.

Whereas if you have any questions or simply want to contact me my email is: lucchesemanuel@gmail.com

Donations have no minimum or maximum!!! Anyone who will make a donation will have their name printed on my jacket and will participate to the lottery after the Dakar.

Some gifts also will be given to who donates:

At least 50Euros – (Autographed Poster)

At least 100Euros – (Team T-Shirt + Poster)

At least 250Euros – (A Framed piece (5 notes) of my Dakar 2012 Original Roadbook)

At least 2.500Euros – (Airplane roundtrip Ticket to Lima (Perù) to come watch the start of the 2013 Dakar)

Come to Dakar 2013 with me!!! 😀

Dakar 2013 Donators:

  1. Martyn Burne
  2. David Burne
  3. Nils Pallack
  4. Homero Diaz
  5. Angela Virag
  6. Gianni Ghiara
  7. Edward Rugg
  8. Antal Verschuuren
  9. Alexander Anufriev
  10. Alessandro Vicentini
  11. Natalia Grande
  12. Renato Taffi
  13. Paola Gori
  14. Bruna Cometto
  15. Alex Ferro
  16. Laurent Meffre
  17. Rachelle Fernie
  18. Jason Adams
  19. Alicia McGill
  20. Jamie Gan
  21. Elisa De Cicco
  22. Micheal Konopitzky
  23. Lukas Konopitzky
  24. Andreas Konopitzky
  25. Sebastian Zier
  26. Ferdinand Zier
  27. Maximilian Zier
  28. Angel Cesar Grande
  29. Fabian Mittergger
  30. Patrick Mittergger
  31. Stefano Chiussi
  32. Eugenio Cane Nero
  33. Angel Cesar Grande
  34. Christian Fernie
  35. Michael Alexander Konopitzky
  36. Donato Colucci
  37. Giorgio Miotto
  38. Sara Cozzolino
  39. Todd Cozzolino
  40. Andrea Sgariboldi
  41. Diego Poli
  42. Roberto Guglielmetti
  43. Anonima
  44. Vikram Rao
  45. Paolo Pelacci
  46. Marco Tonelli
  47. Vito Consoloni
  48. Stefano Santoro
  49. Jaminson Moses
  50. Natalie Wilkie
  51. James Tallant
  52. Mattia Berni
  53. Attilio Severini
  54. Gabriele Severini
  55. Luigi Zana
  56. Riccardo Rigo
  57. Riccardo Passigato
  58. Adriano Panes Rinesi
  59. Tony Schattat
  60. Tiziano Lucchese
  61. Roberta Palumbo
  62. Fausto Rota
  63. Oscar Polli
  64. Cristiano Barni
  65. Ezio De Agostini
  66. Mauro Sant
  67. Fabio Caliendo
  68. Emilie Arrault
  69. Seb&Theo from Suresnes
  70. Loulou&Family from Paris
  71. Antonio Ammiragli
  72. Paola Apphotosport
  73. Carlo Lucchese
  74. Paolo Borgna
  75. Federico Maffioli
  76. Anna Sappino
  77. Edoardo Palmieri
  78. Zaira Barbagallo
  79. Roberto Musi
  80. Stefano Lucchese
  81. Franco Lucchese
  82. Walter Dalmasso
  83. Carlo Boffi
  84. Piero Tarantino
  85. Francesco Rambaldi
  86. Shawn Higbee
  87. Kevin Riley
  88. Luca Vianello
  89. Luca Vizzini
  90. Marco Pisati
  91. Alessandro Pisani
  92. Fabio Imperiali
  93. Stefano Canavera
  94. Barrie Richardson
  95. Bruno Montresor
  96. Eleonora Dal Pra
  97. Andrea Saletti
  98. Francesco Beltrami

Dakar 2013 Sponsors:

  • Telegi (Italy)
  • Ufo Plast (Italy)